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'Threads & Bonds’ is a collection of handcrafted and reimagined textile vessels - mythical containers for the storage of memories, dreams, adventures and life stories. It is a personal celebration of friendship and family, to every thread of connection and bond formed throughout life.

Underpinning the project is an encouragement of waste reduction through meaningful and long-term connection to objects and an appreciation for carefully considered design which builds a closer relationship to the wider world around us.  Treasured possessions are central inspiration - domestic textiles made by my grandmother, family clothing saved by my mother and cherished old letters from friends.  

Sentimentality is reflected by incorporating donated materials from these friends - treasured, yet fading textiles re-used in combination with new high quality materials. Final designs have been realised through detailed hand embroidery, direct to fabric painting, disperse ink painting, digital and sublimation printing.

I have this huge box of letters, fliers and zines I’ve been holding onto forever. In essence it’s just fading old paper, but to me it’s a physical and tangible reminder of endless formative memories and people.  

For this project, I asked three dear friends from this box of letters to send an object for deconstruction and re-use. Something sentimental yet time to let go.

I’ve also always been surrounded by treasured objects connecting to generations past.  A trace of loved-ones’ marks left behind and reminders of the value in re-use, repair and considered design.

These objects are central inspiration throughout this project - informing the final outcomes, floral motifs, colour palette and handcraft techniques.

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